Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 28th gig at The Palms

Just another slammin' night at the office...

Regrettably, our bro' Marco Mendoza couldn't make it. But, Michito Sanchez, Chiqui Garcia, and Michael Cavanaugh all sat in, and the band was just nukin' every note in general all night long. Man, the energy level...and, Rochon took one of those bass rides. 'Like, is that even possible?'

Incremental posting in progress, got about 100 shots to review and triage...

I had an OK night behind the lense. Really just wanted to sit and listen, though.

Nice set list, which included some legacy tunes: Munequita, Oh, Nena, Come Back Home -- along with several cuts from the upcoming CD: What'cha Gonna Do With That Greazy Thing, Indian Summer Day, Mind Over Matter. And then there was Nathan's awesome Come With Me from the 2nd CD. Covers included Michael Ruff's Wishing Well, Jamie frying Stevie Wonder's Higher Gound, and Tony and Tyriq throwin' it down on Soul Trilogy.

One thundering show tonight.

Above, on the right, apparently mesmerized by Jerry Lopez, Cyndy Kolstad, loving and courageous wife of my ailing bro' Kurt Kolstad, with her posse. She got treated to some badly need R&R in Vegas this weekend. I only wish Kurt could have been here. Maybe soon. I told him "bro', the doc gives you a green light to travel, I'm buyin' your airplane ticket immediately."

Below, Howard and Veronica. Howard graciously stepped in to fill for Lorraine at the Fat City Superstore. Thanks, Howard.

OK, before I crash...

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