Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 14th gig at The Palms

OK, this was a hang! This may have been the largest crowd we've ever had at The Palms, bigger than Kenny Loggins night, if you can believe it. I'm getting an extremely late start (2:23 a.m.). This blog post may get split up, some now, some after some crash time. I have 159 shots to review. I'll hang as long as I can.

Dennis Chambers did in fact sit in, along with Rocco Prestia, and also Karl Perazzo, and Tony Lindsay, and A.B., and Daniel de los Reyes, and Rudy Regalado, and Freddie Ravel, along with...I lost track once all the various horn cats from Santana and Luis Miguel got up to play.

Yeah, man, it was a major hang. Wow. Interesting set list tonight. Pretty much legacy stuff, nothing from the upcoming new CD, but the energy level and snappiness were as high and taut as I've ever heard.

It's almost 4 a.m. I have a lot more shots that I'm real pleased with
- e.g.,

More after some Zzzz's. Still got a lot of pics to process. I've had a long day today. Got an early start this morning, doing some stuff for my Ma, tired now. Great to see everyone tonight.


First, I got to the Lounge at about 8:30. Stage was totally dark. After a bit of searching, I found the power switch on the back underside of the lighting board. Flip. Nothing. OK...

Went back to the hallway behind the stage down toward the dressing room, where there are arrays of circuit breaker panels. Found the re-labeled set for the updated light grid and flipped everything on. Back to the light board. Now I get a wash of light, but no front pars. Swell. Murphy's Law. On a night when we got all these peeps comin' to sit in.

Then there's the anxiety of inadvertently blowing something up while pecking around on the board, losing some of the Matt Goss show files, etc, and/or maybe crapping things up so we have essentially no lights (and, recall last week I accidentally set the chemical smoke generator on).

Sonny arrived, and he called some cat, who called BJ (Palms lighting tech), who graciously came right over, notwithstanding being home sick. He quickly fired it all up and got us a workable wash (no way I could follow what he was doing). He was pissed, though at the last minute 911 call.

We finally had lights fully up at 10:45. I could do without this kind of stress, just like BJ. I told him I'd pay him to teach me the board, so he wouldn't have to come wipe our noses.

We shall see.

Random shots, continued...

I still have more good shots, but I gotta go do some other stuff now. What an amazing evening. Thank you all from coming out. We'll do it all again next Monday night. Wish Cheryl could'a seen this one, wow. She started her new job over on Walnut Creek a year ago today. Doesn't seem like a year already.


As noted by Ross Vannelli:
"We appreciate all the help Jerry has given us with assembling a horn section for Gino's last show with two members of the Fat City Horns, Danny Falcone and Nathan Tanouye. They will be performing once again with Gino at the Las Vegas Hilton Sept 27. It will be a great show! Gino will be performing songs from his new CD "A Good Thing" and of course songs from previous CDs. By the way Ric Gould of 97.1 will be interviewing Gino and playing some of the new songs in the coming weeks."

Also, btw, this Thursday night at Green Valley Ranch, Bad Boy bassist Keith Nelson will appear with the Lon Bronson Band during their 2nd set.


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