Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sept 17th updates

So, yesterday I was over on south Decatur to buy a portable wheelchair ramp for the van I just bought to take my Mom on outings from the nursing home (she's gotten too feeble to get in and out of her Cirrus), and this new restaurant by the intersection with Sunset caught my eye. I stopped in to look around. Very, very nice.

They tout Creole cuisine. As one with substantive direct N'awlins experience with that kind of chow, we shall see shortly. Gettin' hungry just thinkin' about it. Maybe I'll take my Ma.

Then, when I got home, I checked out their website and what do I see?

LOL, man, my shots are just showin' up everywhere. That's one I took over at House of Blues a while back. Well, they have live music too. Excellent. Check their website. Cordle-Scott Band will be there this weekend. I will be by.

Also this weekend, our fabulous friends the Hot Club of Las Vegas return to The Bootlegger. Tomorrow night, 11:30 pm. I'll have to slide by there as well.

Also of note, btw, Lon Bronson Band tonight at Green Valley Ranch. I gotta drive up to Beatty for Keenan's football game this evening, so I won't be there.

Speaking of restaurants, my friend Javier Barajas is about to open his 4th "Lindo Michoacan" site.

This new one is up just above Horizon Ridge between Eastern and Green Valley, 645 Carnegie St, Henderson. Below a shot I took after some Camarones Barrachos and a couple of top shelf maragaritas back in April at the original place (D.I. just east of Eastern).

I would take Ma there too, but she's not into Mexican food, LOL. She's pretty much Early Bird Special at Olive Garden or Red Lobster ("Oily Boiyd Special" in her native Long Islandian). Below, the minivan I just got for her, a 2007 Chrysler Town & Country, with only 15.2k miles. The mid and rear seats all fold down into the floor ("Stow & Go"). She digs it; I took it down to the nursing home and wheeled her up into it today for a look. We got a lunch date this weekend.


You know the drill by now. In return for all this pro bono Vegas artist support I do, you occasionally have to slog through (or scroll past) my episodic, gratuitous, off-topic Proud Gwandaddy Moments.

Beatty. Wow. Never been there before. Interesting.

Henderson won big, something like 56-18. Keenan had one TD off a long run after copping a pass while cutting across the middle and busting through several tackles. He almost had another; pulled in a long pass (~35 yds on the fly) looking over his shoulder and then danced the chalk into the end zone from the 4, hitting the pylon -- but he'd stepped out. Ref marked the ball back on the 4. They scored on the next play. His uncredited "assist."

Keebo was also his customary sand-in-yo'-gears irritant on "D." Loves that contact.

Yeah, I love this kid. Not for his amazing talents, just 'cause he's my Grandson. He is one fine young man. I just love to see him having all this fun.

Thus Endeth The Proud Gwandaddy Moment.

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