Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sept 21st gig at The Palms

First of all...


Couple of cats from their band sat in as well.

Wow, man...MOSAIC quality vocals, in the context of absolute fidelity to the Motown legacy. They were simply brilliant. The nicest cats, too. We are so blessed to get to be part of stuff like this.

Blogging incrementally tonight. Got 143 shots to triage, while I mow some slices of my Trader Joe's spinach pizza (which I embellished with a good lick of garlic powder, parmesan cheese, and a three-alarm dose of red chili flakes). A bit of Red Bicyclette Pino Noir, life is good.

Stay tuned...2:15 a.m.. upload the first draft...


Greg is a long-time Santa Fe regular, who normally comes in way early to cop a seat near the front on the upper section. Here's part of an email he sent us last week:
As a service to the band and the audience, I am willing to give up "my" seat and run the light grid on Monday nights. If the Palms' light tech is willing to train me, I'm willing to learn the board and help take the visual component to the next level. (I will do this for no pay as to not come across as taking someone's gig.)

I'm a musician, I know every tune, and I know the character of Santa Fe. I would love to do this for the band.

He indeed took it to the next visual level, on all of 10 minutes instruction from a Palms lighting cat. Next week it should be even better. There were some lighting instruments affixed to the circular truss above the stage that were not working tonight. We're gonna straighten that out this week.

Thank you, Greg. You stepped up big-time, bro'.

Jerry started things off with "Pack It Up" right outa the Fred Hammond flourish. Slammin'! Other set list highlights included Nathan's incredibly sophisticated and difficult "Into The Light." Abe brought the house down with "I Feel Good." Phil Wigfall brought everyone to their feet with a screaming alto ride in "Come Together." Jerry's guitar ride in Jamie's "This Time" did likewise. Gil Kaupp's blazing trumpet solo in "San Diego" had the crowd gasping and howling. Tony turned on the funk afterburners with "Soul Trilogy." finally, the ever-stomping "We Are Nothing" capped the night for a prolonged standing-O after blistering rides by both Rochon and Pepe.

Just amazing. Every week.

More shots...

3:01 a.m., still workin' on shots...

But, WAIT, there's MORE...

Below, Jerry with esteemed artist Lorenzo Antonio and his posse. Jerry and Lenny used to tour with Lorenzo.

Above, Danny Falcone with the legendary GG Shinn in the house! Can you say "Boogie Kings"?

Below, once again, props to Lorraine for handling things at the Fat City Superstore.

Below, LOL, Rob Mader's iPhone shot of BobbyG shooting Dave's keyboard solo from up on the Fat City Horns riser.

Thank you all from coming out to hang!



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