Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bil Champlin's awesome new CD

Our bro' Bill Champlin has finally released his new body of work. It's released first via either iTunes or Amazon. I got it immediately via my iTunes account. Thirteen wonderful, varied, slammin' songs for $9.99. Buy it today. Then buy the hardcopy CD once it's out. I know I will.

I got no time to blog this weekend. Cheryl's here from Walnut Creek to pack some stuff up and take her car back over the California tomorrow. Bill told me I could post a blog mp3 excerpt of "Stone Cold Hollywood" (which features our Fat City Horns), and I'll get to it ASAP. It is so fine!

O/T, Proud Gwandaddy moment

Yesterday my grandson Keenan's football team (Henderson International) played Tonapah, and notched their 4th win of the season, 64-16 (they are now 4-0). This shot below of Keenan exulting in the end zone after his first of two TDs on the day (he's got 8 on the year now) was shot by world-renowned sport/entertainment photographer Tom Donoghue, who graciously sent us about two dozen shots he took of Keenan and the team. Tom was there shooting as a favor to one of his friends who is the father of one of Keenan's teammates.

Check out Tom's website. Cat is The Real Deal. Below, one more for now, Keenan jammin' downfield.

Keenan missed a 3rd TD by one yard after a roughly 50 yard run wide right with less than two minutes in the game. The Wolverines coach then magnanimously had them take a knee three times from the one to melt the clock and end the game.

I've got video footage, but YouTube processing will have to wait.

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