Tuesday, September 02, 2008

September 1st gig at The Palms

Wow, great show tonight. Packed house. I was surprised, had thought it might be a bit slow on the tail end of Labor Day weekend, but we benefited from a lot of ad hoc foot traffic from the Pearl Theater concert (Judas Priest) in addition to so many regulars.

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Cirque "Ka" bassist Derek Jones again subbing for Rochon. He was all over it like a herd of elephants from the opening tune "Just Kidding."

"Just Kidding" stomped bootie (Phil's alto ride was screamin' off the hook) and wrapped up slammin', and then we're right into the Earth, Wind, & Fire Medley. Lotta eminent players in the house tonight, so, of course, Jerry's next gotta give 'em the riotous new original "When The Curtain Goes Up (The Bullshit Stops)" LOL! (That one's gonna earn us a Tipper Gore label.)

Derek is by now so comfortable with the book that he can just be Derek, and put his own seal on things. I am real partial to Rochon, but, I gotta say, if ya gotta do without Roch, Derek Jones is the perfect replacement. BTW, I'm assembling the material for the next podcast "Friends of Santa Fe, Volume 4" right now, and Derek will be featured, along with a host of our other Bad Boys (including Herman Matthews). I think you'll dig it.

Jerry told me he'd been struggling with a crappy throat all week. No way to tell that tonight; his vocals were firm and clear and soaring and nasty. Below, Jerry singing lead on Nathan's "Come With Me."

Nailed that shot; that's straight outa the camera with no iPhoto tweaking. Below, these worked too, during "Come Back Home." I love to shoot into backlight.

More shots...

A great evening in which to bid farewell to the summer season. We really appreciate y'all showin' up tonight. It was a great hang. Keep checking back in for blog updates.

Finally for now, a big shout-out to the Corvini Family from Boston. They had a great week here and made it home safe. Their daughter Amanda hit it outa the park last Monday sittin' in with the band. It was our great pleasure to have you with us. Come do it again sometime.

1 night Only...

The incomparable Michael Shane with renowned jazz vocalist Taylor Michaels @ Bistro Divino

6-9:30 pm Friday September 5th

Serving gourmet salads pizza & northern italian cuisine. Located in the Holsum Arts Bldg. @ charleston & I-15. Mention this ad & your 1st glass of wine is on us! CAIO & hope 2 see you there!

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