Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sept 29th gig at The Palms

Tonight was Pepe's last night with the band. We all wish him well with his new Criss Angel gig, and I know we'll all miss him. Beyond his killer chops and push-it-to-the-firewall feel, he is one of the friendliest and most humble dudes I've ever met.

Below, Jeff Ray once again opened to show for Jerry. BTW, in case you've not heard, Jeff is the opening artist on my Podcast #8, "Friends of Santa Fe, Volume Four."

Above, subbing on bari sax tonight was Garrett Hypes. Garrett played with Santa Fe several years ago over at Palace Station. Fine player, really nice cat.

Below, what can you say? The legendary Tom Scott in The House!

The full blog report will have to wait 'til tomorrow, my friends, I am dawg-assed tired (got some pretty good shots, but I don't have the energy to sit up late going though them). I got up in Walnut Creek CA (just NE of Oakland) at 6:30 Monday morning, after Cheryl and I drove up there Sunday to take a load of stuff up in her car (she'd flown home Friday to fetch things for her apartment and get her car). I flew back Monday afternoon. We had a great weekend together, but I am really tired right now.


I gotta go run and see my Ma, but here are some more pics from the evening:


Below, yesterday's stock market Dow-Jones plunge:

Hahahaha.. It's back up 500 since yesterday's loss. I'm getting whiplash.


Below, an excerpt from "Stone Cold Hollywood," prefaced by a review posted on another blog:
When it came time to ask Champlin to join Chicago in 1981, it seemed like a no-brainer because both Chicago and The Sons of Champlin had horns. All of Champlin’s CDs have at least one song that puts the horns up front and in your face. This time out, it’s the Fat City Horns from Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns. And when they say fat, they really mean it. “Stone Cold Hollywood” is that song on this album. Six horns, bleeting and blowing, complete with a nasty bari sax, man, it’s like a tune from the dirty side of town. Did I mention the bari sax? Man, throw on some headphones and just listen for it. It’ll make you grin like you just ate all the cranberry sauce before the Thanksgiving dinner was supposed to start. You know it’s wrong but, damn, it’s so good.

Stone Cold Hollywood:

Enjoy. Then buy the CD download. More thoughts later.

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