Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tomorrow night at The Palms, Sept 8th: Bass-ically yours

Just got a cell text message from Jerry. The legendary bassist, our dear friend Rocco Prestia is gonna hang and sit in tomorrow night. Oh, yeah!!!

Also, again filling in for our busy Bad Boy Rochon Westmoreland will be our equally dear friend and brother Derek Jones of the Cirque "Ka" show.

You don't wanna miss this. It is gonna be sick!


Increasingly, I'm starting to get hit up again with emails and phone calls from Santa Fe fans asking that I reserve tables for them, enough to cordon off every choice vantage point on the floor. It puts me in a difficult spot, with the potential of making someone angry were I to accomodate someone else, but not you. Our policy is that I rez tables/seats at Jerry's requests only for special guests of his.

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