Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Rocco Prestia in the House!

Rocco! Pure magic. The cat is iconic, a one-of-a-kind, and a total badass on bass. I have a total 183 shots to look through and triage (looks like about a third of them are Rocco; I was firin' away). Stay tuned. Will have to post incrementally.
Of course, we had another mind-bending bass wizard onstage, the incredible Derek Jones again subbing for Rochon.

The two of these cats on the same night, yikes!

Rocco came up and played three tunes with the guys. They started off with the venerable Tower tune "Get Yo Feet Back On The Ground," and then Jerry called Tim Scott up to sing Tower's "What is Hip?" That sucker smoked! The house went clinical, man.

They fried that song. A delirious roaring standing-O at the end. We were SRO tonight, and the crowd was electric.

Then Jerry started the opening strains of "Wishing Well" with Rocco still on bass. He was sportin' a new black Fender Strat custom-made for him. It sounded great. He let me play it before the gig, the neck action was silky smooth.

Rocco, bro', thank you so much for comin' to sit in. You blew us all away.

Tonight, owing to other rehearsal commitments, we had Fat City Horns v1.5, with three subs; Dave Phillipus on trombone for Nathan, Tom Delibero on trumpet for Gil, and Dave Stambaugh on alto for Phil. FCH v1.5 quickly jelled and were all over the charts aggressive and tight. They roared all night.

Tom and Danny came out front during "Negrita" for the "dueling trumpet" rides and went totally screamin' stratospheric.

Rob Mader came forth to throw down a la Lenny Pickett during "Higher Ground." Always cool as can be.

It's almost 4 a.m., I'm gettin' tired. Will post some random shots, and then finish going through them tomorrow.


Before I crash...


Recall my post last month about Hadrien Saperstein's misfortune. Well, a bunch of our peeps are putting on a benefit performance to raise money for medical expenses, this Thursday at 5 pm 'til whenever, at View 215, 9130 W Russell Road 89148. Click here for details. You can also click on the flyer below for full size.


I'm still weeding through shots from last night. Here are a few more.

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