Friday, September 05, 2008


Among the half-dozen books I'm now reading is Daniel J. Levitin's new "The World in Six Songs." A synopsis:
An unprecedented blend of science and art, Daniel Levitin's debut, "This Is Your Brain on Music," delighted readers with an exuberant guide to the neural impulses behind those songs that make our heart swell. Now he showcases his daring theory of "six songs," illuminating how the brain evolved to play and listen to music in six fundamental forms-for knowledge, friendship, religion, joy, comfort, and love. Preserving the emotional history of our lives and of our species, from its very beginning music was also allied to dance, as the structure of the brain confirms; developing this neurological observation, Levitin shows how music and dance enabled the social bonding and friendship necessary for human culture and society to evolve.

Blending cutting-edge scientific findings with his own sometimes hilarious experiences as a musician and music-industry professional, Levitin's sweeping study also incorporates wisdom gleaned from interviews with icons ranging from Sting and Paul Simon to Joni Mitchell, and David Byrne, along with classical musicians and conductors, historians, anthropologists, and evolutionary biologists. The result is a brilliant revelation of the prehistoric yet elegant systems at play when we sing and dance at a wedding or cheer at a concert-or tune out quietly with an iPod.
Couple of excerpts here.

He's a cool guy. Daniel is pals with my bass player of the late 1970's, Scott Lipscomb, who also went on to get a doctorate (Musicology) and now heads the Music Education & Music Therapy program at the University of Minnesota.

Just for laughs, me and Scott (on fretless) almost 30 years ago, in 1979 in Knoxville TN, live at the Holiday Inn. 5 pc band, "Birdland": 'bone, tenor, guitar, bass, and tubs. I think we outnumbered the audience (that happened a lot. Why I traded that schtick in for Mr. White Collar). This was just a patch outa the small Peavey board into a cassette deck. Scott kept those tapes all these years.



Ronnie Foster

VOX Wine Lounge
2630 W. Horizon Ridge
Henderson, NV 89052
702.407.7783 F


Taylor Michaels

1 night Only...

The incomparable Michael Shane with renowned jazz vocalist Taylor Michaels @ Bistro Divino

6-9:30 pm Friday September 5th

Serving gourmet salads pizza & northern italian cuisine. Located in the Holsum Arts Bldg. @ charleston & I-15. Mention this ad & your 1st glass of wine is on us! CAIO & hope 2 see you there!

Tonight and tomorrow night, 11 pm - 1 am at The House of Blues (Mandalay Bay). Special guest guitarist Bruce Conte in the house!


"Friends of Santa Fe, Volume Four" coming very soon. I think I have one straggler left whom I've asked for an "opt-in" and from whom I've yet to get a reply. Gonna be some good stuff. Carmen Grillo just sent me a couple of fine mp3 cuts the other day for the podcast.

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