Monday, September 15, 2008

Sept 15th Gig at The Palms

Dow Jones Industrial Average ($INDU)
-504.48 -4.42%
Open: 11,416.37 High: 11,416.45 Low: 10,917.51
Previous Close: 11,421.99 Volume: 432,965,227

Come for some serious Healing in the wake of a "Black Monday" on Wall Street. I'm thinkin' there're gonna be a couple of top-shelf margaritas at the bar with my name on 'em. Band starts at 10:30 pm, no cover, no minimum.


Jerry called Santa Fe alum Tim Lienhard at the last minute to come in and sub the start of the show for Pepe, who was hung up late with his new Chris Angel Show gig.

Stones, man. Tim told me he'd been through a grueling rehearsal most of the day for a regular sub seat with the new Donny & Marie Show, and was home thinkin' about goin' to bed early, he was so baked.

Nope. Get your butt down to The Palms -- for what he called his "two Immodium Evening," LOL!

He pretty much nailed it, on the fly. Of course; Jerry would not have otherwise called and asked. Tim pulled off the complex Earth, Wind, & Fire Medley solid as a brick.

Then Pepe showed up, and played some timbales for a while, as Tim contunued to throw down on the kit. That was a majorly cool way to start things off.

We had an interesting, rowdy crowd right from the outset. Another full house, and peeps was fired up
. Very nice night. I needed that, though I was a bit off my game, given that Cheryl has just had to move to Walnut Creek, California, where she started a new job today (Corporate Director of Quality for an environmental engineering and construction company based there). We're lookin' at a Southwest Airlines episodic weekends marriage for a while.

It won't be the first time. In fact, three years ago, when I first heard Santa Fe over at Palace Station, Cheryl was the Director of Quality for the Environmental & Infrastructure Division of The Louisiana-based Shaw Group, and spent the entire fall down in Baton Rouge and New Orleans managing QA on the disaster response to Hurricane Katrina (they were that cats that pumped New Orleans dry, among their other numerous remediation tasks). I think I saw her all of 11 days from September to December in 2005.

Before that, after we'd just moved to Vegas in 1992, a scandal broke open up in 1993 on the far NW coast of Alaska, where the feds had spread some nuke shit around back in the 1950's to see what the effect would be on the tundra. They'd been contemplating using atomic detonations to make deep-water naval harbors (to keep those menacing Russkies away from Sarah Palin's forebears, I guess) and commercial ports. Well, USDOE dumped that political remediation mess in the lap of Cheryl's company (the Nevada Test Site cleanup contractor, for whom we moved here from Knoxville), and, off she goes, steel-toed boots, hardhat, orange vest, and clipboard in hand, to live in a flown-in remote camp tent 130 miles north of the Arctic Circle near Cape Thompson on the Chukchi Sea (replete with armed polar bear guards) and oversee them digging the residual radioactive muck up and shipping it back down to the Nevada Test Site and burying it.

My adventurous wife. Chick is good at her work. Serious as a heart attack, in fact. These cats over in Walnut Creek interviewed her about 10 days ago and immediately made her an offer. Smart people, obviously.

Tonight I tried to juggle managing the CD sales from a front table and doing my blog photo shoot. Cheryl has always graciously sat in the back and sold the stuff for the guys, leaving me free to roam and take shots. I know a lot of people besides Pity-Party BobbyG will miss her.

Some of tonight's shots:

Dr. Lenny In The House!!!



Tyriq is doin' his funky "Jamestown" thing at a venue called "Puff Lounge," 1030 East Flamingo, at 8 pm -- next Tuesday, not the 16h as originally reported.

Also, Tommy Alvarado will be throwin' down the "Slick Willie Orchestra" set at the Square Apple, 10 pm. 1000 East Sahara.


Check this out, Pretty interesting, if not precisely in the sweet spot of our demographic. I'll have to link them in. Cross-traffic, y'know.


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