Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nathan's Russ Freeman concert post-show report

Awesome, simply awesome. The talent on that stage! And, arranger/conductor/trombonist Nathan Tanouye is a musical genius -- an entirely appropriate and accurate use of that term. Stay tuned, much more to come ASAP. I'm jammed up today. Cheryl got a job -- over in the Bay Area, though, and she has to leave this afternoon. Starts her new gig tomorrow. Try to imagine how conflicted I am.

Above, left to right: Bobby Shew, Tyia Wilson, Nathan, and Carolyn Freeman. Below, Bobby Shew played beautifully.

Tyia Wilson, below, what can you say? Wow. That soaring, delicate, sensitive voice!

Listen below to an embedded excerpt of her singing "When Love Was Lost and Found" from the Freeman Project "Crossings" CD.


Brandon Fields also came to play. That cat, man. Yikes.

More shots from a glorious evening:

They've put up a new MySpage page for the Russ Freeman work here. Enjoy. Buy the CDs.

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