Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sept 22nd gig at The Palms

What a night! Tom Politzer from Tower of Power on Sax, Taku Hiranu of the Stevie Nicks tour and Bette Midler show, along with our awesome homie Michito Sanchez sittin' in on percussion, and Spyro Gyra's totally off-the-hook Bad Boy Bonny B sitting' in on drums.

We also had kick-ass drummer Robert Shipley sit in on "Brother to Brother." He got the call to come open the set for Pepe, who'd expected to run late from his new Chris Angel show gig. But, Pepe was there on time and opened the show. Then, a few tunes in, Jerry brought Robert on to throw down the intmidating "Brother to Brother" chart, and Mr. Shipley certainly delivered. One snappy, in-the-pocket drummer, this cat.

Robert showed up way early, to 'shed the chart one more, final time. I was sittin' in the back talking with a few early arrivals, and I hear this cat bangin' away on the tubs all by himself, and I think, 'wait a minute, he's not just riffing around, that's the "Brother to Brother" drum chart!'

Yep. Cat did his homework.

OK, here's the latest. Beginning October 6th and continuing to year's end, our L.A. bro' the incredible Joey Heredia (drummer for our friends and repeated guest artists the Marco Mendoza TRIO) will be on the kit for Santa Fe. He's gonna fly up every Monday just to do the gig, and Jerry tells me he's all psyched up about it and ready to Take No Prisoners.

It will be slammin'!


Below, Some shots from tonight's gig.

Email I just got from Jamie:
If you think it is appropriate, my friend Geoff Meyers was in tonight to spread the word about St. Jude's Ranch, perhaps you could mention it on the blog? Geoff owns a financial services company called Perpetual Wealth, but he is very active in reaching out and helping the community. Links to the St Jude websites are www.homeforteens.org and stjudesranch.org.

Seems like a really great organization.


Below, a couple of YouTubes, [1] Joey Heredia with Marco Mendoza and Michael Ruff, and [2] Bonny B setting the bar for drum solos during a Spyro Gyra show.

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