Thursday, September 18, 2008


"Friends of Santa Fe, Volume Four," my 8th podcast, is now posted. Just over 55 minutes. Woulda had it up yesterday, but once again did something wrong and wiped out most of my v/o. Argghhh!

Click the link above for the web page containing links to all podcasts, or, click the mp3 audio bar below to just launch the latest podcast right now while you browse.

No more on-the-fly ad-libbing. I'm gonna henceforth have to start writing v/o scripts before I cut these, 'cuz I get impatient after suffering things like a file save error, and end up neglecting to make some points I wanted to make in the rush to get it done.

Today's showcased Podcast artists:
  • Herman Matthews
  • Fifth Avenue
  • Derek Jones
  • Rocco Prestia
  • Rocco Barbato
  • Diane Ellis
  • Carmen Grillo
  • Blaise Sison
  • Jim Buck
  • Tortilla Factory
  • Tim Lienhard
Across the four "Friends" volumes, we have by now showcased 30 artists from among our extended tribe (about 4 hours total podcast time). More to come.

Also FYI...

Mundo's Hot Club of Las Vegas appears tomorrow night at VOX Wine Lounge in Henderson (215 east from the 15, get off at Eastern, head south to Horizon Ridge, hang a left, go to 2630 Horizon Ridge). Also, below, Sunday night at Bootlegger, Bill Fayne presents "Le Voci: Vegas."

BTW, Cheryl is off to a crushingly busy but successful start at her new job over in Walnut Creek, Peoples' Republic. The company is "ITSI."

I probably shouldn't give out her direct office phone or email, but if anyone cares to send her a "Break a Leg" card, the address is
Cheryl Prince
Director of QA/QC
Innovative Technical Solutions, Inc
2730 Shadelands Drive, Suite 100
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
BobbyG got da Blues big-time this week.


Bill Champlin's new CD release draws nigh...

Fat City Horns are on it. BTW, major props to Bill's webmaster for the fine new look and features (which include a cool new YouTube setup).

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