Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brendan's Pub hang Jan 26th and other updates

I wasn't gonna go (way tired), but saw a Facebook post by Rob Mader sayin' he was goin', so, I picked up the Alpha 350 and dropped over to The Orleans. I was glad I did. A total jazz slam-fest. Brandon Fields, Windy Karigianes, Joey Melotti, Darryl Williams, Pepe Jimenez, Dirk K and Michito Sanchez.

And we got treated to Mike Miller and Sonny Emory sitting in.

Weak stage lighting environment. Michito was completely in the dark. Whatever. The music was as good as it gets. Windy is a great jazz vocalist whom I'd not heard prior to last night.



Gotta keep pumpin' this.

Below: Photoshop fun with one of my Monday night Trop LV shots.


OK, this is interesting. Reportedly, Caesars just struck a deal with Matt Goss. Word is they're gonna seal off Cleopatra's Barge and make it a new "Gossy Room" ticketed show at 40 bucks a pop on the weekends.

OK...right. We wish him well.

UPDATE: The Trop has a Facebook page, and they are today noting on it that they are continuing the Monday $39.99 room/breakfast buffet/Santa Fe show VIP seating special. Also, I see on their Facebook page that they've started a Santa Fe photo album using my blog shots. That is just too cool. These people are the best!

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