Saturday, January 16, 2010

When the curtain again goes up...

Click the image to enlarge. Pay it forward. We need a huge turnout the next two Monday nights, or it'll be a short tenure. Spend freely, tip generously.


While I'm as stoked as anyone about Santa Fe's upcoming new gig at The Trop, the ghastly news out of Haiti is really saddening. Cheryl and I donated repeatedly to OxFam in the aftermath of the Asian Tsunami, and I am gonna toss a couple hundred bucks their way this weekend in support of Haiti earthquake relief. OxFam has been on the ground in Haiti for 36 years now. I encourage everyone to contribute whatever you can to the relief organization of your preference. The misery there is just heartbreaking.

Other good donation choices, IMO, are Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF (which just lost a large number of their Haiti staff in the earthquake), and The Salvation Army.

There are many others as well. Do your homework, though, and don't fall for slick scams.

News reports say that there are now in excess of 200,000 children newly orphaned by this disaster. Shit. I have this big, fine house mostly all to myself now. I could take at least one.


This is totally badass...

"It was one of those light bulb moments..."

And that was how Daryl Hall describes coming up with the idea of Live from Daryl’s House, a monthly Internet webcast featuring him playing along with some of his friends and colleagues in an intimate setting.

Yeah, man, way cool. Check it out.

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