Saturday, January 09, 2010

Jerry Lopez interviewed at KDWN 720 AM

Very nice of Sherial to have us tonight. Thank you!

Sherial's other studio guest was Intuitive Life Coach Lisa Beaumont (the show is all about "relationships"). Very, very nice people.

They played and discussed Jerry's "Come Back Home" from the 2005 live CD, and she queried Jerry in some detail about the history of Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns, and regarding our upcoming Tropicana Showroom gigs (Jan 18th and 25th for starters).

I couldn't hang to hear Lisa's interview part of the show. My Father in Law died this morning, and we're scrambling to head back to Alabama. Thanks so much to Sharla for dog-sitting while I'm gone.

As I noted on Facebook: "My Father in Law, who left us today (I shot that last Thanksgiving). My genial, humble, and wise friend of nearly 36 years. He got to see his Crimson Tide win the national title Thursday night. Rest in peace, gentle soul."

Very sad.

Needless to say, the blog will be dark 'til I return. FYI, though, there will be another "Negrita night" at the Bootlegger this coming Wednesday. Be there.

Also upcoming at the Bootlegger, save the date for our friends The Hot Club of Las Vegas:

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