Tuesday, January 05, 2010

This just in...

We're gonna be in the main showroom, and we are gonna have to have a huge turnout, or it'll be a short tenure. The only dates confirmed at this point are the 18th and the 25th.


Jerry, Lenny, Jamie, Gabe, and Tim Scott are gonna perform the "Negrita" CD, starting at 10 pm. You better get there early. 7700 LV Blvd S. at Robindale, just south of the Outlet Mall.

It's available both at CD Baby ($16) and iTunes ($9.99), downloadable only. I downloaded it from iTunes, and stream-ripped the CD composite sample.



Today I had a meeting at The Caring Place to get my marching orders for my first effort in my new role of volunteer special projects resources coordinator. I will be pumping an upcoming event at the Flamingo Library on February 14, which will consist of a talk and book signing event for Rebecca Katz, author of "The Cancer Fighting Kitchen."

Now, I am generally pretty skeptical when it comes to the whole "food is medicine" deal (albeit not totally dismissive a priori). As I wrote in my essay about my late daughter:
A Healing Burger

Or, the "healing pizza/chocolate shake/fries"? One day not long ago, after we'd visited with a pleasant, seemingly intelligent woman of recent acquaintance who had also endured a long struggle with cancer and was committed to a "holistic healing" regimen, I ribbed Sissy that we ought cruise down Sunset for lunch, specifically to order some "healing burgers," -- my facetious reaction to having been cut off mid-sentence the prior evening after uttering the phrase "fruit juice" in the course of responding to a query concerning Sissy's daily diet. "Oh, no! No fruit juice!" "No sugar!" "No fat!" "No meat!"

The magical quality that "holistic" evangelists impute to various vitamins, herbs, and certain foods (the latter for both good and ill), frequently shouts down the more circumspect and common-sense notion of an adequate and balanced diet. In my mind I parry their personal anecdotes with the equally anecdotal evidence of the long and mostly healthy lives of the large extended family comprising my in-laws. Most of these rural northern Alabama farmers manage somehow to live into their 90's despite life-long daily breakfast doses of sausage and eggs with biscuits and gravy-- along the rest of the typical meat-laden, putatively carcinogenic and arteriosclerotic farm fare that would make a brown rice zealot shrink in horror.

Most of these dietary-herbal and related recuperative obsessions ring resonant with the "bargaining" stage of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross's dying process model. Please, Lord, I'll change my indulgent, unhealthy ways, please-- just spare my life! See, I'm doing my herbal/ carrot juice/ seaweed/ colonic/ aromatic/ crystalite/ meditative/ mega-vitamin/ macrobiotic/ psycho-spritual penance; please, please spare my life!...

Notwithstanding my general irascible cognitive jaundice, I gotta say, what I quickly read in skimming this book looked extremely informative and useful. I came home and ordered a copy straight away.

The author in her own words:


I am gonna ask for help disseminating flyers etc for this event. I have to hit locations such as
  • Libraries (Including the Flamingo Library where the event will be held!)
  • Starbucks and other coffee houses
  • UNLV student union
  • UNLV campus
  • UNLV nutrition department
  • UNLV nursing department
  • CSN
  • Toro University
  • NV State College nursing program
  • Las Vegas Cancer support groups (we have a booklet with listings)
  • Hospitals
  • Community centers
  • Community bulletin boards
I'm gonna scan the draft flyer I got today and post it as a PDF file ASAP. Anyone wanna help me out?


Gonna be crazy tonight at The Bootlegger. Be there. I'll be shooting shots for a blog report.

Also, we have not one, but two world-class classic rock bands in our extended tribe, Phoenix and Yellow Brick Road. Tomorrow night Phoenix will be at the Las Vegas Country Saloon on Fremont Street.

Depending on the time of the Alabama-Texas title game, I may go over to check it out and get some shots.

And, of course, our buds in Yellow Brick Road remain busy.

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