Saturday, January 02, 2010

Welcome 2010

First, Cheryl and I ambled out to go see Brother Blaise in his Family Stone Experience show at the Orleans. It was very nice. Thanks for the tix, bro'.

Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Jerry Martini and Cynthia Robinson!

Our bro' Nate Wingfield on guitar!

Above, Trina Johnson looked and sounded awesome. Below, Alex Davis, also awesome on vocals, keys, and guitar, clearly won the "best threads of the night" prize (although Blaise's black leathers were pretty cool).

I shot all of those from our 3rd row seats. Never got up and worked the room. Could not get a clean shot of the drummer, though :(. I was just a fan last night.

Nice crowd. The showroom holds 850, and it was nearly full. Peeps was dancin' in the aisles. They do another show tonight at 8 pm.

On to the under-new-management, newly remodeled Sand Dollar (Polaris & Spring Mt. Rd.) to hear Brad Cordle and Tim Scott and the cats. They had a good crowd as well. Still not a good photoshoot environment. Total of 8 small RBG LED cans ringing the ceiling front of stage.

Band was cookin'. Our bro' Joel Richman was subbing on drums. Very nice. They were thumpin' man...

I hope this is gonna be a better year for everyone.

Don't forget, this Wednesday night, 10 pm at The Bootlegger, Jerry, Jamie, Lenny, Gabe, and Tim Scott will perform songs from the "Negrita" CD. That will be a great hang. I want everyone to turn out for that, crush the room.

7700 S. Las Vegas Blvd., just south of the outlet mall, corner of Robindale.


I ran Google analytics for 2009 blog traffic (click the image to enlarge).

Individual visitors and hits were up by close to a third relative to 2008. The November gig hiatus -- when Jerry, Jamie, and Rochon went out on tour with Bill Champlin -- hurt our blog Mo', or the trend might have continued more steadily upward.

Gonna keep on pushing to make it grow even more, and more rapidly.

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