Friday, January 22, 2010

Trop LV special Santa Fe package just announced

This is a great deal. Hell, I live here, and I would do that! Click the image to go to the reservations link. Pay it forward.

A few more shots from our debut gig...


I shlepped off to Caesar's to catch a bit of Odyssey last night at Cleopatra's Barge. LOL, they have these extensive arrays of pars and strobes and robos all over above the lounge -- none of them aimed at the stage, except for about 4 par cans with red & blue gels aimed down from stage-front. Forget getting any clean band shots. Night Vision Goggle time.

Notwithstanding, it's a fun place, and Odyssey was kickin' bootie. They were tight and thumpin' and the vocals were just soaring. Another local band we can be proud of.

IIRC, Christine told me they'd be there through next weekend. Definitely worth a trip to hang.
I'd not been there in a while. Caesar's is an elegant property in general. The Barge is a lot of fun.

Bette Midler and cast, thank you for sharing your talent and energy with us these past to years. The Fat City Horns in particular would like to express their gratitude for being part of your show within the rest of that stunning orchestra. You will be missed.


Major thanks to Raoul over at for the really nice shout-out of our new gig!

As of 12:01 a.m. (Jan 24th) my blog is four years old. 668 posts, untold thousand of photos, a Mount Everest of effort, regarding which I have loved every minute. We continue to grow, ever so steadily.

The past two years monthly blog traffic (visitors in blue, visits in red, "page views"/post "hits" in orange). I shall continue to plow ahead relentlessly. The band, and all of our many great musical friends and fans, deserve nothing less. I want this blog to be the Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns of music blogs.

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Anonymous said...

I was hoping that you could have a tasty tid-bit from the band somewhere. Thanks From Goleta (Schooner) Ca. Frankie T.