Friday, January 22, 2010

Jan 20th and 21st at The Bootlegger

Wednesday, January 20th, "Negrita Night#3"...

Above Jeff Ray sitting in on guitar, along with (below) Jerry Jones, Jessica Marciel, and Michelle Rohl sitting in singing on "Wishing Well."

The nasty weather adversely impacted the crowd, which was light. The no-shows missed some fine music.

Hot Club of Las Vegas

Below, Adrianna Thurber of "Phat Strad" sitting in. As Mundo aptly put it, she shreds.

Finally, (L to R) Mundo, Hap Smith, Jerry, Mike Mayberry, and Jeff Ray hangin' after the show.


I tossed a couple hundred their way yesterday, Please donate to the charity of your choice. IMO, OxFam is a very good choice.

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