Friday, January 29, 2010

Phoenix at Mandalay Bay

Got lucky with that shot, wow. Tony Davich was lightin' it up tonight! What a voice!

Mizuya lounge, Ya just walk in from the parking garage
in the rear and it's straight ahead about 200 feet past Rum Jungle. Huge, very nice open area sushi bar and lounge.

Nice lighting grid, with a cat running it (and FOH at the same time, too), but they need to put him on Ritalin. Sweeping robo-spots and fresnel floods, hyperactively hitting mostly everything except the stage, LOL.

Tony said it looks like they're gonna get some steady repeat dates there. That's cool. They had a nice crowd. Good hang.

Ran into Brian Czach from Backbeat Village US. His first time hearing them. He really dug it. He said he'd be doing a gig Sunday night at The Bootlegger. I asked him to email the details so I can tout it.

Fun evening.


One of my random pre-show pics from last Monday.

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