Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Unreal. Jan 25th Trop LV gig report.

Maybe it won't work out, long-term. But, I gotta say, it won't be for lack of effort on behalf of the band, the Tropicana management and staff, and you, the fans (another huge crowd!). With respect to management, we have had more on-the-spot support in the first two weeks from the Trop than we had in three and a half years at our former venue. Huge blog report coming, as soon as 250-odd 14.2 megapixel hi-res shots unload outa my camera.

This afternoon I sent this email to Lee Ann, Trop VP of Entertainment:
Hi -

Really looking forward to tonight. Given the lineup of esteemed special sit-in guest artists, it's gonna be extra special.

My request: The Tiffany Theater has an excellent light grid, but last Monday, I struggled to get many shots owing the the relative lack of "hard white"/spot/flood illumination. I'm sure Jerry doesn't expect to be accorded extensive manual "follow spot" coverage, but I would simply ask your stage light operators to ramp up the white spots in the mix (incl. backlit floods). It makes a huge difference for me. If you look back through my blog postings, you can see posts where the lighting was most effective.

I will be working hard tonight to document this show as effectively as possible.

(I'm always whining about the lighting, LOL, but I just try to do my very best. Great lighting makes for great shots)

It wasn't ten minutes before her reply:
Hi Bobby,

I know exactly what you mean. I’ve spoken to our lighting guy, in general (less movement, etc.) but did not know how to articulate the lack of hard white light. I’ll forward this to Robert – he wants to do a good job. He may have already set the look for tonight, but I’ll see if he can change it right before the show (He’s off until then, I believe). If you let me know which photos had the best lighting look, I can show Robert that as well.

Thanks for all!!

Lee Ann Groff-Daudet
Vice President of Entertainment
Tropicana Las Vegas

When I got there tonight we had a quick meeting with the Bridgett, the stage manager, and shortly thereafter I noticed cats crawling the overhead light grid catwalks, clamping down and aiming additional white spots.

You will shortly see the results of their gracious and expert efforts. Stay tuned...


'eh? They ran with my request, which made a huge difference (mainly just for me, though, for you as well if you just look carefully). I could not be more pleased and grateful. I made that clear to Lee Ann personally after the show.

More to come...


Above, they were hangin' more whites for us. Below, a quick partial FCH rehearsal for Shayna Steele's tune...

Above, my camera's internal light meter is telling me things are much better. Below, the calm before the storm.

Above, Lorraine at The Fat City Superstore in the showroom foyer prior to the show. We sell CDs before and after the show. Thanks, Lorraine!

More to come...

What a night! Much more to come (including the jazz big band late night hang), but it's almost 4:30 a.m., and I am running outa steam. More after some Zzzzz's. I have so many more photos, and reflections.


Behind the curve today. Ton of shots still to consider. Short on sleep. Slog on...

Set list highlights: Esta Noche, Ev'rybody Wants To Love You, Higher Ground, Greazy Thing, Come With Me, Si Te Vas, Soul Trilogy, Living For The City.
In the middle of "Ain't That Peculiar?" Tyriq danced down off the stage front into the crowd, and escorted Kissy Simmons back up to the stage. Dramatic moment; huge roar went up out of the audience. Very, very cool.

Kissy again blew the roof off the theater with her soaring take on "Through The Fire." It was simply amazing.

Yet more shots...

Next up, Shayne Steele and a musical smackdown contingent of her Bette Midler Show colleagues (Darrell Smith on keys, Bette Sussman, of course, on keys, Jordan Ballard on vocals, and a percussion cat whose name I missed -- but will get), along with Derek Jones on bass. Shayna did a cut from her new CD, "The 4 a.m. song," and Chaka's "Ain't Nobody." Fabulous.

Above, some of my Cuz Jojo's CA peeps diggin' the experience.

Still more to come. Stay tuned...



Above, awesome vocalist Michaelina Bellamy and jazz keyboardist par excellance Etsuko Mader.

Not done yet, but I gotta run to the nursing home and hang with my Ma for a while. BTW, I hear there's a great gig tonight at Brendan's Pub in The Orleans: Brandon Fields, Pepe, and others, if I heard correctly.



Jerry Fink gave us a really gracious nod on his fine new website. Click the image below to go there.

Bookmark his site and visit frequently.


I'd intended to make note of this anyway, so I'll just excerpt from Jerry Fink's column:
10-Hour Fund Raiser for Haiti

Las Vegas Rocks Cafe, 450 Fremont Street, will feature an all-day concert Friday, Jan. 29, to help raise money for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

The event begins at 2 p.m. and continues till midnight.

Lou Ragland of the Ink Spots is taking up the cause for Haiti relief by organizing a marathon concert with continuous top headlining performers.

Signed up so far to perform are: World Famous Ink Spots, Billy Hunt, Original Cornell Guntner Coasters, Ned Towns, Paul Stubblefield, Dean Courtney, Eddie Perrell, Rachael Kapp & 3D, Lambus Dean, Gents of Swing, Elegant Diversity, Tony Sacca, Ramon Scruggs, Carolyn Walden and Phil Flowers...

$20 admission donation.


I'm gonna buy it.

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Anonymous said...

Bobby, the photos are all fabulous. I was at the show last week (sitting at the table next to you), and had a tough time getting decent shots (partially because I'm not a great photographer). At any rate, I sure hope the Tropicana becomes the long term home for Santa Fe on Monday nights. The venue is great, the staff was wonderful before, during and after last week's show, and the set up just seems perfect for all of the band and the many guest artists they bring along for the ride!