Monday, January 18, 2010

Tonight at the Trop LV, the curtain again goes up!

Today's email blast from Jerry Lopez:
TONIGHT! In the Main Showroom inside the Tropicana hotel and Casino! One FREE show starting at 10:30PM.

Budweiser offering "buy one get one free" drink specials!!

BONUS: Immediately after the SF & TFCH show, in the lounge right outside of the showroom, the WNFA BIG BAND will perform a set during our "After show Party"!!! This is an 18 piece kick ass big band that I KNOW you will LOVE!

The drink specials will continue into the lounge as well.
Don't miss this incredible evening of entertainment. You will now definitely be able to get a GREAT seat!! This is a large showroom with plenty of seating throughout.

We are trying to find a new "home" for the SF&TFCH band, and we need your support to make it happen. It is important to show the casino that what we do is not only important to the entertainment community in our city, but can be a viable and profitable investment for them! Let's make this a big night!!

Tell everyone you know, and bring to the show!!

Strokeland Records is now selling our new CD (as well as the older ones), and they just gave us an amazing shout-out on their website. Lots of great music product and news at Strokeland. Bookmark them. Buy from them.


1944, Marion (on the left, on her wedding day), and her younger sister Edna. Edna was an acclaimed caberet singer who toured all over the world for the USO during World War II, and then continued her performing career in civilian life for a time. She was a serious singer with a pro book of orchestra charts. She went on to become a hospital aide. Still lives in Elmont, Long Island, NY.

My mother and my aunt.

I've only seen Edna once since high school, at the funeral of their brother, my uncle George, down in Florida about 23 years ago.

Edna, who is now 86, is here for her sister's 88th birthday (today). She'd not seen Marion since that Florida funeral. I'd sent her some recent photos of Ma, and they spurred her to come.

A few pics from yesterday say it all.

I brought them to the house and cooked this huge meal for them. Danielle and Keenan came over as well. A great, great day.

My aunt Edna will be at our gig tonight (along with my sister Carole, who also flew in for Ma's birthday). She's a real trip. She loves the new Santa Fe CD. Wish Ma could also come tonight, but she's just too enervated.


As I noted in my Facebook photo caption: "Anderson, Alabama: My now-widowed Mother in Law yesterday, the dignified matriarch of the Prince clan, sitting in the kitchen with Kinsley, one of her two great grandchildren. A woman with a pure down pillow of a heart and a spine of titanium."

See y'all tonight.

- BobbyG

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Michaelina said...

Lovely memories for you Bobby and a wonderful legacy for all your family.
Thankyou for sharing.